9/03/2009 09:17:00 AM

Village of 100

Don't know the source of these stats, but kind of interesting to think about.

One village of 100 people

World evangelism statistics: What would our world look like?
Raw population statistics overwhelm you. Here's one way of visualizing the world and its economic, housing, health, religious and educational needs:
Shrink the earth's population to one village of exactly 100 people. Apply the earth's racial, economic and other ratios to these 100 people. Here's how this village would look:

60 would be from Asia
12 would be European in origin
15 would have come from the Western Hemisphere (9 Latin Americans, 5 North Americans, and 1 from Oceania)
13 would be from Africa
Sex / Gender:
50 would be female
50 would be male
Skin color
80 would be non-white
20 would be white
67 would be non-Christian
33 would label themselves as "Christian"
20 people would be receiving almost 90% of the village's total income
25 would live in substandard housing
17 would not be able to read at all
13 would be malnourished
Life and death
1 would die within the year
2 would give birth within the year
2 would have a college education
4 would own a computer


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