3/30/2009 02:33:00 PM

I quit playing wow 3 months ago

This has some truth to it

There is totally no point to this post, except to brighten up the day of any nerds who may be reading this. Or I guess if you are a hard-core WOWer, make you extremely annoyed.

Last night I played Street Fighter IV for the first time. I totally believe that your character's appearance affect your ability and skills. When I played Rose:
I sucked to high heaven.

But when I played Cammy:
The image “http://content.mahalo.com/images/8/80/Street_Fighter_4_Cammy_pkf_21309.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
I did much, much better.

I really believe that's because Cammy's beefy legs and obvious confidence in herself, as displayed at her ability to fight in a thong, inspires to overcome my adversary through energetic button-mashing.

I would like to play Street Fighter IV again.

3/22/2009 11:31:00 PM

Spring Break Haiku, a spontaneous ode

My spring break has passed
And I didn't get stuff done
How could this happen

I worked so hard but
Still so much more work to do
Time waits for no one

So I should begin
Finish what I half-started

Stop writing haikus
Grace it's Sunday night at ten
You better move it

I mean it you punk
Writing bad poems wastes time
It makes readers cry

Ok I will stop
Dear readers you now all know
I got more to do

So have a good week
Work hard, play hard, and rest hard?
I use toilet now.

3/18/2009 06:44:00 PM

A random snippet of spring break to-dos

A real taste of my life a la spring break

Already done:

  • Doctor's for checkup: she says my 'food poisoning I-am-going-to-kill-myself symptoms this hurts so much' episodes can be attributed to hormones, so maybe I just need to keep track of my cycles carefully and lay off heavy foods during that time. She also says I have tendonitis on my left index finger. This is obviously because I am a ninja and kill people with one finger. I mean, seriously, what? How? Why? Ugh.
  • Eye doctor's for checkup: she says my tears are 'sticky' and have more protein/fat deposits than typical, which results in easy clogging of my tear ducts and drying out of my contacts. She also said color contacts for someone with my degree of astigmatism costs $300. Great.
  • Random food-related errands
  • Bought my tv converter box, waiting for it to come in
  • 'Group hang out but not really the truth is I'm really introducing you to a guy' kind of thing completed. Nothing happened. Was fun though.
  • Bought shoes for Friday, silver and cute but set me back $40. This was allowed because I really DID need shoes for Friday.
  • Semi-broke my Lenten fast of shopping... ok so I bought a sunny yellow dress for $7.45 at Filene's. And a jacket on sale for $16.99 at Forever21. But given that I used a gift card for one and returned something at UO for a similar value, it's almost like I didn't shop. Right? Right?
Still to do:
  • Labcorp blood/urine test, 7 am to beat insane crowds
  • Photoshoot on Friday with Tribe 5 girls, which means additional hygienic maneuvers pre-shoot are necessary (e.g. shaving extra carefully)
  • Buy Johnson's Baby Shampoo for new daily habit of rinsing out tear ducts
  • Vacuum & Pledge
  • Buy new glasses. Time to look smart.
  • Buy more face toner; I go through these like alcoholic goes through beer
  • Finish AA/NA/Al-Anon paper; drop off key for RAs; look at preliminary dissertation data; work on gambling paper manuscript; enter some PCLT data; update my alcohol self-monitoring project (topic: facebook)
  • Look over Sunday School materials
  • Shooting range Saturday, birthday celebration Sunday(?)
  • Cry over my lack of time to get anything done
  • Thank God for spring 'break'

3/09/2009 09:50:00 AM

Here's what i hope to happen for spring

1. Tackle something else on my bucket list (green thumb, perhaps)?
2. By the end of May, cleanly finish my data collection with sanity intact
3. Make more money (somehow, somewhere, through God all things are possible, etc.)
4. Mourn and then process the fact that Nicholas Kristof is going on another win-a-trip journey with another student somewhere in the country, then firming up my resolve to apply next year
5. Carmen will stop shedding
6. I start running regularly again (fake, slow running.... what I do should not be construed as athletic running)
7. Forgive, forgive, forgive
8. Wrap up my tenure as SH counselor on a high note.
9. NOT get into any more trouble at RCCC.
10. -SECRET!- pending future developments.

What are your hopes for spring? Spring is my favorite season, because it starts to get warm and cheery and there's a general feel of rebirth in the air... and allergens.