3/09/2009 09:50:00 AM

Here's what i hope to happen for spring

1. Tackle something else on my bucket list (green thumb, perhaps)?
2. By the end of May, cleanly finish my data collection with sanity intact
3. Make more money (somehow, somewhere, through God all things are possible, etc.)
4. Mourn and then process the fact that Nicholas Kristof is going on another win-a-trip journey with another student somewhere in the country, then firming up my resolve to apply next year
5. Carmen will stop shedding
6. I start running regularly again (fake, slow running.... what I do should not be construed as athletic running)
7. Forgive, forgive, forgive
8. Wrap up my tenure as SH counselor on a high note.
9. NOT get into any more trouble at RCCC.
10. -SECRET!- pending future developments.

What are your hopes for spring? Spring is my favorite season, because it starts to get warm and cheery and there's a general feel of rebirth in the air... and allergens.


Grace Chai said...

getting into trouble at RCCC?
haha. hi grace!! :)

Steve Yu said...

haha Carmen.

on another note, i thoroughly enjoyed your list of what not to wear.

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