4/26/2010 06:46:00 PM

#35, 41, and a Solid Rock

Done and done. I enjoy gardening more than I thought I would, and Stephen Colbert's a nice guy. I went back and read my list again and I have since lost interest in a good number of those things that are still undone. Oh how fickle I am. :P

There has been a lot on my mind since March. I went to Hong Kong, ate a ton of good food, met up with friends, but also had to process my grandfather's aging up close and personal when he had a stroke at the airport while receiving me from my flight. Not really going to write about my personal feelings about that, but I have thought a lot about death, dying and loss since that trip and also learning about my aunt's death and other 'losses' I am going to experience soon. And it all culminated in a very clear reminder that I have nothing to fear, because everything I have gone through and will go through - experientially, emotionally, spiritually - Jesus has been there. Everyone dies alone, but those who love Christ do not really die alone. I think the process of dying will only draw me closer to Jesus and it may be the most intimate moment I will have with him in this life, and that is great comfort.