1/06/2010 03:22:00 AM

The worst is over?

The last few times I've been in Vegas it's been full of crap.

No, really. Either I got into fights with my "parents" (read: my mother), or my sister, or my romantic/relational life/dreams/hopes get destroyed into smithereens.

I actually really enjoyed my time in Vegas this round.

It could be because of one of many reasons...
- I purposely kept the trip short, avoiding the holiday season by coming right after 1/1.
- I only saw my parents this time. No other complications.
- I am more mature.

Yeah, it's probably 1 and 2.

But seriously, I don't want to go back. Who wants to go back to cold depressing Jersey where I actually have to wear a winter coat to not die outdoors, back to work and internship interviews and dissertation. But I guess it's ok since the faster I get those things done the faster the next chapter of my life can start. Even though I'm really starting to think I will miss being a full-time student. I probably won't have this type of schedule ever again in my life. Sigh.


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