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Happy new year!

As dumb as I think resolutions are, it is nice to make some achievable goals so there is something to shoot for in the coming year. When you think about it a new year really doesn't mean anything, but it's probably nice to have the feeling that everything gets a new, fresh start. Insert that cheesy quote about shooting for the moon and landing among the stars here. For me it's more like shooting for the moon and at least lifting two inches off the ground, never mind the stupid stars. I'm not that idealistic. So I understand the feeling of hope and anticipation people have this week. At least until they start to epic fail their resolutions, then the feeling of motivated excitement gives way to disappointed disillusionment. But I digress.

2010 goals:
1. Finish my interviews in one piece and make a match rank list that is to my liking
2. Figure out why the heck God wants me to stay in Jersey (or East Coast) for another 2 years
3. Become more selfless in relationships. Man does it hurt to be selfless. I never realized how psychically painful it is to humble myself, especially when I feel like I'm entitled to something and even when I know I'm in the wrong
4. Start running/exercising routinely again. I'm staring at my gut as I speak. It mocks me, knowing that it'll reign supreme at least until the 6th, when I come back to Vegas. I glare and it blinks back, immovable and unfeeling as the mountains that resisted Mohammed. Sooo disgusting.
5. Read more books
6. Find a ministry
7. Write in my personal blog more (not this one... a private one)
8. Re-visit that bucket list
9. Defend my dissertation
10. Refine my cooking skills. I feel like this goal has been here forever since I started living on my own. But the fact that I managed to bake cinnamon oatmeal cookies for NYE and people actually liking them has given me encouragement to do this more intentionally.

I think that's good enough. 10 goals for 2010, some quicker to achieve to keep up my morale, others requirement more diligence and patience. Any more and I'm definitely setting myself up for failure. Anyway, if you have resolutions/goals for the coming year, share them for the sake of accountability.

Happy new year!... Again.


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