12/14/2009 04:22:00 PM

Status so far

Internship interviews. I am in a state of 'controlled panic,' but still mostly at peace. I love God, and he is good.

Interviews completed:
CT VA (West Haven)
NJ VA (Newark & Lyons)

Interviews upcoming:
MD VA (Baltimore)
UMDNJ (Newark)
Montefiore (NYC)

Portland VA
Seattle VA
Boston Consortium
Bellevue (NYC)
St. Luke's (NYC)
Maimonides (NYC)
Coler-Goldwater (NYC)

Waiting to hear:
Trinitas (NJ)
UMDNJ (Piscataway)
Edith Nourse VA (Boston)
American Lake VA (Tacoma)

So I guess people are right when they say NYC is still psychodynamically oriented. Very much so. And except for Tacoma (and I'm totally expecting rejection from them), all the West Coast sites have turned me down. So God has definitely answered my prayers that he would close doors to places I 'should not' be for the next two years. It looks like I'll be sticking around the East Coast. Not sure how I feel about that yet.


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