8/03/2009 06:45:00 PM

Not Afriad

I heard this song when I was driving in Vegas. Really catchy song! I think I might just start to like some Christian rock ;)

Written By: Stephanie Smith, Jamie Moore, Aaron Rice

Verse 1:
Sorry its over I think it’s the best thing for now I’m takin’ the memories Don’t wanna leave them all behind… Some were good, some were bad Some were in between But I gotta do what’s right for me

I’m not afraid to walk away Let me go for the last time Finally got it straight for the first time Not afraid cause I know He’s there to meet me So I’ll be gone, I’ll be gone, But not alone, alone

Verse 2:
I hate how it happened But it just wasn’t supposed to be Lets not talk about it Cause always lookin’ back Won’t change a thing Leave the good, leave the bad, And the in between I’m gonna do what’s right for me

It may not be easy Cause at its best, life is still hard But He is with me, And I am not alone


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