4/07/2009 11:26:00 PM

Items in my life that gives most "bang for its buck"

1. Riding boots that I've had since sophomore year in college
2. Mini George Foreman Grill
3. White Forever 21 scarf
4. MacBook
5. Carmen
6. Lint rollers
7. Bootleg China suitcase I've used for everything, from travel to laundry to transporting tests as a TA
8. Rice
9. Faculty/Staff parking pass for Rutgers
10. Jesus... or eternal salvation... best deal ever

Things that I find give the least 'bang of its buck' when guys who are usually passive get their boxers all tangled up in a knot defending
1. iPhone
2. iPhone
3. iPhone

I don't mind if you like your iPhone, but if I don't see that same type of zealous energy you display when I say the iPhone is lame applied to doing God's work or serving in ministry, then your argument is moot for me.

As Lent comes to an end and materialism rears its ugly head again, I'm reminded that I already have the newest, best, and most 'revolutionary' gift of all, the love of Christ.

And that is one gift that is fully deserving of my praise, energy and attention.


Wilson said...

Things that I find give the least 'bang of [sic] its buck' when girls, who are generally aggressive, get their panties all tangled up in an angry face bashing
1. iPhone
2. iPhone
3. iPhone

I kid Grace Yan. I heart you like I heart my iPhone.

Crystal Chen said...

haha. love it. agreed :)

Anonymous said...


amen to the best deal ever!

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