2/20/2009 12:05:00 AM

Things guys should never wear

1. Wife beaters alone = trashy look
2. V-cut fitted t-shirt, showing man cleavage
3. Briefs, too tight may lower your "fertility count"
4. Plain white dress shirt with blue lines for a wedding... Chinese boys do this. It bores girls.
5. Polo or any shirt with unbuttoned buttons without an undershirt.... no one wants to see chest hair peeking out
6. Popped collar, what is this, 1995
7. White suit, unless you're in a musical
8. Sweats unless you're working out... otherwise it's just frumpy, and you will only attract frumpy girls
9. White socks with black shoes, which is UTTER BLASPHEMY
10. Insert your own here


Anonymous said...

10. Guys with short shorts - that's just a no-no. C'mon this is not the 70s where the guys wore that to play some bball! It's just gross... there's nothing you're showin off. Leave it to the girls! HAHAHA! JK!

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