1/26/2009 04:58:00 PM


This past weekend, I went to try snowboarding for the first time at Hunter Mountain.

So, I still don't know how to stop yet without landing on my butt, but at least I can kind of stay up for ~10 secs or so until I see an obstacle (e.g. a sign, a tree, a crying child). Then I try to stop and end up falling on my butt.

I'm glad though for people who pushed me to learn on green vs. bunny. If I stayed on bunny I think I would've quit early and called it a day.

And ladies: there is no better test to gauge a guy's character, than to see who stays behind to help you learn when they are tempted with the call of the mountain (I was going to say "call of the wild," but I thought that may be misconstrued as to mean "toilet," so I didn't).

1 down.... 50ish to go?


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